Camp Wonderopolis


We are exercising our minds and bodies this year at Camp Wonderopolis with a theme of Flex Your Wonder. Camp will enable programs, families, and individuals to customize their experience to their needs while campers explore different tracks of STEM-based exploration. Along the way they will build their vocabulary, background knowledge, and literacy skills.

There are two ways to participate in Camp Wonderopolis.  You can register for the online camp and you can sign up for six workshops at our library!  Workshops are a part of our summer reading program and are offered June through August on the first Tuesday of the month at 6 pm and the third Friday of the month at 1 pm.  You can sign up for some or all of the workshops, so pre-register by calling 570-752-2241 ext. 206 or emailing

Participate online at any time by signing up at:


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