Friends of the McBride Memorial Library

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Friends are library supporters who are committed to strengthening the library and helping it provide the best service possible.  The Friends meet the second Tuesday of the month at the library at 4:30 pm.

What Friends have done?

The Friends’ fundraising activities have provided the library with thousands of dollars over the years.  Some of the items purchased for the library from the Friends includes:

Summer Reading                                  Wireless Scanner
E-Books                                                   Nexus Tablet
Paper Shredder                                      Large Print Books
Paper Cutter                                           Scholarship Opportunities

How do I join?

Fill the application here and donate below or come to the library, fill one out, and bring in a check.

Be a Friend

Please fill out the information and either submit an online payment or mail to:

Friends of the McBride Memorial Library | 500 N Market St Berwick, PA 18603
*All annual contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Please provide the information below:

*The Friends maintains an email alert list. Your email will NOT be shared with anyone.
Please make checks out to: Friends of the McBride Memorial Library. Thank you for supporting the Friends.
Email for more information.

The Five Commandments of a Successful Friends Group:

  1. All parties involved must realize that a time commitment is involved and that a successful group is no accident. The activity level of the group will determine the amount of time involved.
  2. A committed core group must exist; even if this group is only two or three people.
  3. Communication must be open to the full library community; the Friends should not have an exclusionist policy.
  4. All those involved in the Friends must realize that the Friends group does not make library policy, which is the function of the trustees. Trustees and Friends have separate functions, and liaisons should be developed between the two groups.
  5. Money raised by the Friends should be disbursed by them as they see fit according to the information on the library’s needs, provided by the library director and the trustee’s liaison.

For more information email

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